while i am loving living the “college” lifestyle i fly back to reality tomorrow.  in honor of this i will share a few things i am LOVING right now.

1. The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  i cannot get enough of this.  i am listening to it on CD and have, on multiple occasions, just sat in the car not able to turn the book off.  I am NOT a fan of books on tape but the oration of this book is magical.

2. lazy weekends with AJH.  there is nothing more special then curling up on the couch with the only person who knows you as well as you know yourself, your sister.  the special bond we share is something i cherish more then life its self and i feel so blessed to have learned this at the age of 20 and been able to form such a great relationship with her.

3. warm weather.  even in ohio the weather has been great.  as i type this its starting to spit outside but for the past 2 days it has been warm without being stifling.  yesterday was perfect beach weather if only i was not in land locked dayton.

4. greek yogurt.  if you have not tried this you MUST.  i have been holding out for so long.  i am a very picky eater and texture is everything for me.  AMC and mr. match have been telling me i have to try greek yogurt and i have been afraid.  i am very loyal to the trader joes brand low fat vanilla.  while i will not switch completely to greek yorgut it is a great change up for my yogurt addiction and can be bought places where there is no trader joes (i.e when i visit amc!).  i also love the variety of flavors and putting the honey on it.  i love honey!!

5. fresh berries.  while i do not like for my fruit to touch (another weird food issue)  i do like to have mixed berries.  black berries, blue berries, raspberries and strawberries YUM.  at the grocery i got an amazing mix of them fresh!  mr. match has told me he is going to take me berry picking and i cannot wait!  also when i go down to the g-rents for memorial day we will be able to get fresh SC peaches!  YUM YUM YUM!

what are you loving right now?


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