smbd introduced me to a new college tradition.  the drive of shame.  she called ajh this morning to have her drive over 1 street and pick her shamefilled bum up and take her to mc donalds.

while in college i was a big fan of the walk of shame; however, no one was ever nice enough to come and pick me up and take me for food after a shame filled night.  a good morning was when my “friend” from the night before would drive me back to 110!

I am a fan of this new drive of shame and the fact that at 12pm when she should have been obviously over dressed (read: night from before, louis vuitton bag jewelry, smeared makeup and high heals) for the mcdonals, there were a few locals who had her bested.

the city of dayton mcdonals (in the hood) was a unique minority experience for me.  the workers got into a tiff over who should be serving the food and who should be on break… surprise everyone thought they should be on break.  i was excited that i was able to get ajh and i’s food for under $6 and a few sweet tea as they FORGOT to make my iced coffee.

smbd is also my new bbm buddy.  get excited!

as she sleeps off her shame i and the rest of the girls are watching say yes to the dress.

more information about smbd:

when she was seven she would stuff her bra and wear a jacket revealing her “new” bust at the mall.
the happiest day of her life was when she got her boobs
second best was 10/4/02 the day she became a woman
she was the bad kid that other parents would not let their children play with.
she was homecoming queen, without stuffing her bra


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