so for the first time in a while i laced up my running shoes applied my sunscreen and donned a hat for a long run.  one mile in my i pod died.  while i do not need music to run i do need my nike+ to keep track of my runs and keep me on pace.


it is such a nice day out.  so i came home, did yoga in the back yard and bought a new swimming suit, the dress i have been coveting (pictured below) at j.crew and a plethora of other things to things to get me to $150 so i could get free shipping. (CRW86V free shipping on $150+; expires 5.10.10) courtesy of J.Crew Aficionada.  most likely it will all have to go back, i have been having a lot of trouble with their sizes.

i think will be perfect to wear at the lake in michigan this summer!  (also the reason why i had to get a new swim suit, a whole week at the lake warrants a new suit!)


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