happy cinco de mayo.
i hope all of you readers at Miami University and you AMC and JPC have some drity charra on friday when you grace that lovely place with your presence.

my g.g. questions (i admit it has jumped the shark but i keep watching)
A: why was it snowing
B: seriously william baldwin?
C: why is serena running lilly’s marriage? (does serena’s devotion to her father remind anyone of her lusting for tripp?)
E: why does blair not just live at elenor’s house?  why does she need an apt?  living with your parents is cool!

great quotes from monday night’s gossip girl
chuck “judge away shame turns me on”

blair “can i ask you something? … what do you think about falafel”
hair band girl “ew isn’t that the food paralegals eat?”

hair band girl 2 “lose the judge face zoe!”

blair on chuck “he probably just ran out of girls to have sex with”

blair “i will be attending columbia in the fall … i don’t live with the help.  you wanted to see a blair waldorf take down… cross me again and you will experience on first hand.”

i think this was one of the better episodes of this season.

next up glee!

olivia newton and molly shannon AMAZING.
not as good as when molly made her apperance on will and grace but still good!

also it melts my heart when sue hangs out with her sister.  i love it.

also quinn frabray is amazing.  i would be her friend even though she is a slutty, pregnant, mean girl.

also did you get the e-mail about the spring j.crew sale.  LOVE.  my shopping bag has $300 in it… its so tempting.  maybe i can edit it down to $100??

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