i thought i would do a more traditional blogger post about my current hang bag.  while i have not really been carrying a handbag lately i took out out last night on my date with mr. match and plan to use it all weekend.  Lately i have just be switching my crap between my large longchamp le pliage bag and a herve chapelier bag b.c they are the only things large enough for my macbook, text, books, two planners and all the other necessities i need to go from school to class and survive.  (i am somewhat akin to mary poppins in this way).

the bag i am carrying i got at j.crew two summers ago when i was working there.  it was on the 60s list and i got it for next to nothing.  i also bought AMC one.  she recently mentioned she was carrying hers so i broke mine out.


clockwise from the top left corner: kiehl’s lip balm, highlighter, new room it up note pad, pen, kate spade reading glasses, borders 33% off coupon, amazing kate spade wallet, coach sun glasses, text book for internet class, august to august planner, are you there, vodka? it’s me chelsea, binder clip, my old school zack morris cell phone (new one on tuesday), kate spade planner,  keys.


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