do you ever get a text message that is so perfect that you feel like you should share it with everyone but then remember that a. no one else will find it funny and b. your zac morris cell phone prohibits things like that?

i know there is a whole website devoted to this text from last night but those are mostly sexual and funny to all.

it happens to me all the time. mostly these text are from AJH and AMC. every once in a while lisa sends a good one one.
that was mostly when AJH and i switched her signature to read:
“lisa” bitches aint shit.
a reference to the ben folds cover.

these would read something like

From: MOM
are you alive?
“lisa” bitches aint shit

the other day AMC sent me this beaut

From: AMC
also i hope i have enough $$$$ on my shucks [sic] card for full fat Friday.  sorta like maragrita crack cocaine thrusday.  But not as fun
received: Friday Apr 23, 8:07 am

i was observing on friday and busted out laughing as i read this… tots inappropriate.

in other more exciting news i am waging a new war on starbucks as they keep charging me $0.50 for my FREE refill.

pretty sure that says FREE brewed coffee or tea refills with each visit… not $0.50.  while i would be more than happy to pay the $0.50 if  it  said that, it says FREE and i have had about enough of the lying.  i just hope i do not have to get Howard Schultz on the phone to discuss this.

sidenote: every time we go to starbucks lisa reminds thug about the time she told him to buy 100 shares of starbucks back in 1992.  she gets 100 points in the passive aggressive olympics for this comment as it ALWAYS turns in to a heated debate.  she claims we would be MILLIONAIRS if he took her financial advice.  he claims she makes this up and she did not know what starbucks was in 1992.



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2 responses to “.text.messages.

  1. the sister

    i’m seriously upset that my text from the other day about my UDF splurge did not make your blog. ouch.

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