last night on my date with mr. match i developed a new game i feel compelled to share with all of you.  now i know many of you have been to dinner or just out in general with someone with a blackberry/iphone/smartphone and suffered through their incessant checking and playing.  well yesterday night me and my zac morris cell phone fought back!

every-time mr. match picked up his i phone i brought out my copy of are you there, vodka? it’s me, chelsea. we were at a bar/restaurant and it WAS not the place to read a book.  AMAZING.  it took all of 2 seconds for mr. match to realize my little game and become annoyed.  he calimed since he was looking up the ingredients of my magners it was not rude to pick up his phone but it was rude and AWKWARD for me to read my book.  he stopped playing with his phone however.  i was a bit upset it only took a few times as the book is so good and i wanted to read more.

in other news did you all check out your igoogle pages today.  there is a change!  pictures in the people app.  LOVE IT!


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