two days ago.  you know the day before the day my paper was due and did not blog. i introduced mr. match to my lil’blog.  it was a very frightening experience.  if he hated it, or did not think it was funny, i would be devastated.

it took him all of two minutes to find out he was in fact mr. match.  i tried to deny it and pretend that it was  some one else but that lasted about a second.  he then quickly commented that i never posted a picture of us at our tennis match and that i did a much better job of retelling my dialog with lisa about him here then i did in person (prob because i was typing it as it happened).

he even left a comment about my lack of post on him yesterday.  someone likes the attention!

well its off to teach today for me and then a date with mr. match.  ALSO i can start running today!!! maybe ill get a run in before my date!


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