i have often thought about which celebrities i could be friends with in real life.  I know many of you do this and since i have very few real live friends here in VA i have been thinking about my celebrity friends alot.

I know that had i been given the chance i would have been friends with linsday loahan in her pre-coke days (ala mean girls).  now she is to much of a train wreck.  i also think that i could have been friends with LC but she has moved on to better things and i am not so sure any more.  i could/would still be friends with lo only because i think she is a total b*tch and well i do love a good b*tch.

right now, given the chance, i would love to make these women part of my inner circle.

.jennifer garner. one time on a date i told the guy that i want to move to boston and adopt a child so that i can become firends with her and violet.  he never called again.

.scarlett johansson. she just looks so normal.  i might try and steal her husband ryan rynods, but i think our friendship would survive that.

.Chelsea handler. like you did not see that coming.

.taylor swift. i would think of our friendship more of me trading AJH in for her and she becoming my little sister.  sorry AJH i still love you!!!

.leighton meester. i mean her mom did have her in jail so i would have to get over that… maybe i would just like to be friends with blair waldorf.

.giuliana (depandi) rancic. not only does she hots E! news but i feel like i am BFF with her and bill after watching EVERY episode of their show.  i feel like i so invested in her quest to become pregnant that i might offer her my womb so we can become friends!

i am seriously cutting off the internet on my computer now so i can write this paper.   i want to have 4 pages done before i meet mr. match!


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