do you know chelsea handler?  i wish i did.  we would be best friends i just know it.  for now i am going to continue to stalk her and her dog chunk via twitter and await an actual meeting.  oh yes and i am back on facebook just to be her fan.

AJH read are you there, vodka? it’s me, chelsea a while ago and did not give the book the justice it deserves.  AMC read it and made me buy it.  lisa will not let me read it in her presence because “you keep laughing and i think i miss something funny on tv.  its not fair”.  lisa has also stated that she will not be reading it.  she will.

yesterday on my way into starbucks for my after-school-before-class pick-me-up i saw someone reading the book.  i was delighted and watched her for 3 pages.  she did not even smile.  i decided it was best not to approach her as she A. had no sense of humor or B. did not find chelsea funny.  either way my life was better ignoring her.

the other day i read a passage to mr. match.  he already thinks i am a creep as i made him watch this youtube video and laughed the whole time.  he said the pressure was to much and he could not laugh.  be did break a smile while i was reading from are you there, vodka? it’s me, chelsea and did not get upset that i had to take 3 breaks to laugh.  perhaps i’ll let him read it next.

posts will be sparse this week as i have so much work to do.  sorry.  i will back in full action next week!

GLEE TONIGHT!  get excited.



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5 responses to “.chelsea.

  1. KDL

    Just finished reading vodka myself! Love love love. Too funny!! Try I was def laughing out loud… at the Mexico City airport. Talk about awkward!

  2. the sister

    HOW did mr. match not laugh at the video. doing hood rat stuff and smoking ciggaretts is the funniest video EVER.

    • probably b.c i was hovering over his shoulder watching him waiting for him to laugh. he has since informed me that latarian beat up his grandma for not buying fired chicken at wal-mart. i think he secretly loves it and watches it non-stop on his i-phone

  3. j.

    omg i feel a kinship with this young man’s love of “hood rat things.” amazing.

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