yesterday night i went out again with mr. match.  this is becoming an often occurrence and he tried to have the talk with me.  i awkwardly tried to change the subject.  he got the message and conversation moved on. while i am not seeing any one and do not plan to after everything that happened with my last relationship i am not ready to jump into something right now.  we have discussed this and i think that he understands but would also like for me to show a little more enthusiasm for him.  i might start trying.

we had a fun date.  he took me to the driving range and we hit a bucket of balls and then got dinner at no frill bar and grill. much to mr. match’s disgust i paid.  I felt bad that we had gone out so many times and he has always paid.  while i do like a gentleman who does things for me i also do not think the all responsibility should be put on the man.  mr. match did not agree but allowed me to pay.

after dinner we were at a loss of things to do, and i was not feeling all that well so we came back to my parents house.  AWKWARD.  now mr. match has met my parents but i don’t think he finds spending saturday night with them a blast!  i told him it would be so much fun just like high school!  he informed me that high school was 10 years ago for him and he really does not want to relive it!

this started a discussion that i should look for my own place.  i told him i am happy living with my parents and one day i may move out.

silly mr. match.  we actually had a great time and are having a tennis competition today.  winner picks the lunch spot and looser pays.  (i hope i win!)  i’ll post a picture of my outfit… perhaps mr. match too!


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