AMC just sent me this link and i feel inclined to share it with all of you.  it perfectly describes the moment i long to have.

i would pee my pants if i was sitting at a starbucks or at the airport or ANYWHERE and i oversaw someone looking at my blog.   What would be even better if i heard someone referencing it.  i do not know if i would be able to be as self-contained as seth is and not say anything.

JGIWC also described her making it big moments here.  i guess all bloggers have them if they just blog long enough.

when my turn comes i will be sure to share it with you!

in another unrelated note: i just saw my blog from another computer (i am being a bad sub today and am on the internet during my free period) and the font is HORRIBLE.  i can’t read it at all.  tonight i will give this some love and attention and have it fix ASAP!


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