where do you stand on the whole bethany v. jill drama?  AMC and i have been discussing this via e-mail and actual conversation and i am still a little shaky and think the root of the problem is that luann.  the countess is just AWFUL.  i was not a fan of her last year and do feel sort of bad that herhusbandmighthavebeencheatingonhertheirwholemarriageandshedeservesitbecauseithinkitwassaidthatthatishowtheymet.

but seriously i sorta believe that she was grazing the pastures as well.  i mean she is openly talking about how she is dating other men, with her daughter no less.  i mean i was in a 3 year serious relationship and even months later after been SEVERELY cheated on i still feel a little funny dating mr. match.

did you see jill on watch what happens live?  could she have plugged her book any more?  same in this article AMC sent me.  i think she likes the attention.  and what is this about bethany leaving and this new woman sojna. if that is who the countess hangs out with then she NEED NOT write a book on etiquette.  who talks about sex that why… 18 year old frat boys that’s who!

yes my life is way to invested in these reality tv characters and i know i really should not just them.  but i’m a judger its what i do!


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