i think i maybe late to the whole Lilly LeSportsac merger but i am LOVING it.

now that i live minutes from the coast i think that it is acceptable for me to wear lilly again and have started stalking the website for the perfect piece to have.

I think i may have to also add the deluxe everygirl tote to my bag collection.

the passerby hangbag also caught my eye but i would want to see it in person to get the exact dimensions.

clothing wise i really need to own:

Elina Tunic

Adelson Shift

and this murfee scarf

with spring in the air and sunshine on my face i feel like lilly is the only thing standing between me and my new life at the beach.  i was even able to locate 2 lilly boutiques here in virginia beach.  Ocean Plum and Beecroft and Bull.  if i can finish another paper i will treat myself to a little shopping before dinner with mr. match, he canceled lunch as he has some important business meeting.


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  1. alex

    come visit me and we can go to the Lily in the garden’s mall – because i mean when you visit palm beach you have to take home some Lily… what a great excuse

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