recently AMC has become obsessed with chelsea handler.  my little sister AJH has also been obsessed with her for a while and i am wavering.  I enjoy her show chelsea lately and basically all shows on the E! channel and find her super funny.

I have not read her book are you there, vodka? it’s me, chelsea or  chelsea chelsea bang bang.  I plan on reading them at the beach this summer and might not be able to wait that long to read are you there, vodka, it’s me chelsea as both AJH and AMC say is soooo good.

today i found this jem on the internet (while at starbucks trying to write my paper so i can go out with mr. match and his friends tonight).  yes that is right she has a blog!!!  this might be a new splash of happy go to for me as just reading it made me bust out laughing at starbucks.

perhaps as a new goal for myself… if i finish my papers before friday i can get are you there, vodka, it’s me chelsea on saturday.  now there is motivation!


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