today was the first day of my USTA team!  our uniform is a black skirt and red top (mine is pink and i refuse to look any more!).  this is what i wore…

oh you say you love my skirt.  why thank you!  it’s actually a very special skirt passed down to me by AMC.  it was first her mothers and has LOTS of good tennis karma in it. You see AMC’s mom is a VERY good tennis player and when she tired of the skirt and gave it to AMC.  then AMC got super skinny doing yoga and bootcamp and had to pass the skirt down to me!  I love it.  i love the super high slits on the side and i love that it has a history and has been loved by others before me.  while normally i would have hee-bee-gee-bees about wearing something some one has sweat in, but knowing that its AMC and her mom its ok!

unfortunately the skirt did not give me a big W, me and my partner lost 7-5 6-1.  but i played very well and look forward to next week!


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