right now the list of things that i would buy if i had a never ending supply of cash is about 6 miles long.

i will condense it for you dear reader.

1. i phone.  if you follow me on twitter you know that this obsession has been going on for well over a year and will not end anytime soon due to my family loyalty to verizon.

2. taryn dress from lilly.  i love the bow details at the back and think it would be so cute to teach in at the end or beginning of the school year!

3. new make up.  i am talking new EVERYTHING.  while i hardly ever wear makeup, i feel unprofessional going to teach without any on so i have started wearing it almost every day.  i wear the bare minimum (smashbox green tint primer, bareminerals powder foundation, blush and mascara, sometimes eyeliner) but would LOVE to get some new things.  any suggestions???

4. new tennis bag.  i am currently drooling over one of the new room it up tennis backpacks.  i have a little insider information that says one may be coming my way in bright bloom soon!

5. personalized stationary.  i only have 3 more flat cards with my name printed on them and a few more folded cards with my monogram.  i have yet to find a place here in va that has cute stuff like social butterflies did in charlotte.  the only thing i have found that is close wanted $55 for 10 cards, not in the grad school budget.

6. villa mae bag from Kate Spade.  need i talk about how glorious this bag is.  It’s about as close as they have come to reviving my favorite the maddie bag.

7.  wayfarer‘s in tortoise.  i know they are all the rage but they are cheaper than all the other glasses i am lusting for.

8. louis vuitton speedy 30 bag.  i would love to find one at a consignment store that already has a story and has been given love but i highly doubt i will get that lucky.

8.a. a hermes scarf.  this obsession stared in Europe as my bff JM wanted to find a vintage one.  i am always looking for one at a consignment store that has a story behind it.  it will just be so much more fun to imagine all the wonderful things it has done before it came to me.

9. Tory Burch Tunic.  if i were to ever be the proud owner of a TBT i would never take it off my body.  in the words of AMC “i cant try it on b.c i WONT be able to take it off”.  i wish i was able to fit into a child’s size as the $495 price tag does not fit into my grad school budget.

and this tunic dress would be AMAZING for teaching.  the price tag is a bit less only $295.  sadly still not in the grad school budget.

10.  silk taffeta bow monde dress from j.crew.  i have to attend a wedding on new years eve this coming year and KNOW this would be the perfect dress.  while i have about 10 dresses in my closet that would fit the bill, i really want to wear this dress.

11. hermes enamel bracelet.  need i say more?

what are you lusting for now?


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