last night i hung out with mr. match again as a reslut of this my life my or may not be in shambles.  we took his dog to the dogpark and went out for dinner.

I will start with my first ever adventure to the dog park.

mr. match has a weinheimer whom he treats like a child.  To protect the dog in the car he has to stay in his house and must go to the dog park or for a long run every day (chasing squirrels in the back yard is NOT enough). so to the dog park we ventured.  shortly after arriving a gooldendoole comes in.  He is 4 months old and mr. match has to all but restrain me from stealing it.  i start chatting with the gooldendoole’s mom.  she tells me all about him and asks me about “our” dog.  (i become very uncomfortable and have to ask mr. match how old his dog is) she continues to talk to me as if the dog is mine and i just start making up answers.  all in all the dog park was a great time and i now have the courage to take bailey and dusty to one.  perhaps one day all 5 of us can go together.

after the dog park we went to el burrito loco.  i love dirty mexican food and this place was HEAVEN.  for all you miami alum think fiesta charra with a liquor license.  [side note: in oxford we had two mexican places fiesta charra and el burrito loco (not the same one from last night!), fiesta chara could NOT sell liquor but had much superior food and was in walking distance from my house] anyway mr. match suggested that i get a jumbo texas margarita.  normally i stear away from jumbo b.c for me that is the equivalent of DRUNK.  he assured me i would be fine as he was also getting one and he would be driving us.


about half way through my marg i was hammered and should have cut myself off.  as i was not paying for the drink i felt compelled to finish and soon made best friends with our waiter who suggested to mr. match he order me another for a good night.  (this is the same waiter who told me i did not look 18 and did NOT believe i was actually 24)  i did however finish off mr. matches as i was convinced if he drank any more our waiter would have to drive us home.

on the way back i had a CRAVING for ben and jerrys and being so nice mr. match took me to the grocery.  after about faceplanting on the way in, we made our way to the ice cream case.  there was another woman there, middle aged, also picking out ice cream.  she was also intoxicated but no where near as much as me.  i started chatting with her and she told me all about her husband, for whom she was buying the ice cream, her daughter that was my age and her son.  she then suggests that we also purchase 3 pints of ice cream like she is and hot fudge, her and her husbands ‘special’ dessert.  at the self check out i noticed she also has tory burch flats on and she told me i was the best person she has met since moving to va.

i suggested to mr. match that we follower her home and become friends.  he said nothing of the sort would happen and i will probably never see my new friend again!

i cannot wait for the next time i eat at burrito loco but i will not have the shambles inducing jumbo texas marg any time soon!


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