why is it so hot here.  this morning, like most mornings, i was texting my dear friend AMC and she informed me that today it was hotter in virginia then it would be in west palm beach.  I will post my outfit later when i get home but let me just say the white oxford was not a good choice for walking about.  thank god the school had the ac on today.

in other news i am just 9 stars away from my starbucks gold card.  i never felt the need to buy the gold card when you could for like $25.  BUT now that you can earn stars and get it for FREE i am all about it.  No fear; i did the numbers and found that this way i am giving stabucks close to $300 for my gold card.  Yes paying $25 last year would be more economical; however, i just LOVE the thought of earning stars and getting it for free.  and yes, i am that jealous creep ogling your gold card when you use it.  i have NO shame.

one down side of becoming a member of the exclusive gold card crowd (this is my own interpretation please let me have this little splash of happy!) will not being able to use the customized gift card AMC got for me 2 years ago for christmas.  it is customized with the miami and has my name on it!  it has sparked SO MANY great conversations with baristas i don’t know if i will be able to give it up!


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