what did teacher wear today?

this is a total nod/copy of one of my favorite blogs jewish girl in wasps clothing. i love her, love her writing, and love her sense of style! Most days she post a picture of the outfit she wore that day and where she got each of the pieces. These are posted to her twitter feed jgiwc and via that to her blog.  (you totally need to follower her and her blog if you are not already!)

a reoccurring post here on .a.splash.of.happy. will be the outfits i wear to teach aka wdtwt?.  i will post a picture here and to twitter.  between substituting and doing classroom observations i go into a school at least once a week and wear some very cute things (if i do say so myself!).  now that the weather is getting nicer i have switched from wool pants to cute dresses and skirts!

today’s outfit was a j.crew dress from last summer (i got it on sale and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT) a j.crew jackie cardigan and tory burch reva flat (notice the boot on the left foot).  i carried my loved (read well worn) vineyard vines classic tote (mine is not sea scallop it is lighthouses circa 2006!) and was asked if i was a new student only once!  note to self: carry more adult bag when teaching.

the first picture is taken from a very awkward angle as thug (my dad) did not understand the idea.  oh being in my twenties and living back at home.


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  1. Alex

    The boot totally makes that picture!!!!

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