hope the easter bunny was good to all of you.  yesterday mom and i spent the day together and ended up at j.crew.  i have, as most of you i am sure, been less than impressed when some of their offering as of late; however, i got some great items!

i don’t know if you are having this same problem but i think their sizes are ALL over the place.  i got on sale the tutenkamen dress and the bibb lettuce broadcloth top (both can’t be located on the internet sorry the pictures below are so SUBPAR) and not on sale but i COULD NOT wait the poplin wednesday skirt.

after working at the j.crew for almost a year i know that ALMOST everything goes on sale and usually wait but the skirt is already sold out in the pink on line and there was only one left in the store.  I was super bummed because it was a size 6 and i am a 8 or 10.  I tried on (in different colors) the 10 and it was HUGE, the sales girl got the 8 and it was still so big.  my mom grabbed the 6 in the pink and it was perfect!  I know that if something is on sale its usually because of the sizing so i picked up the shirt in a 4 and a 12 (only sizes left) and the 4 was a great fit.  The dress i got in an 8 and 10 and the 10 was the winner.

leave it to the crew to convince me in one day that i could be a 4, a 6 and a 10.



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2 responses to “.happy.easter.

  1. alex

    you are so right! jcrew IS all over the place. i cant shop it online anymore – only in store. your finds are too cute. i want to see outfit posts!!!

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