so yesterday was my third date with mr. match. no that is not his real name but we need to keep this anonymous right?  we first had dinner in february.  it was a good time.

he texted me before the half-marathon (we both ran) and we went to dinner again on wednesday and then again last night.  (yes twice in one week).  and yes i wore the boot to both occasions!  (it comes off in 6 days!!!!)

last night in honor of my boot we ate at this quaint restaurant THE BOOT.  they only serve locally grown food down to the cheese!  it was really good and i would love to go back when its not a friday in lent so i can get the duck confit gnocchi.  only down side was there were just a few wines available by the glass but any bottle can be opened for a two glass minimum.

when will i be seeing mr. match again?  thursday to watch the miami redhawks take on boston college for a spot in the NCAA ice hockey championship!!!!


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