everyday on the way home from school (thank you one way streets) i pass by a french bakery.  it looks to be abandoned and has bars on the windows.  shocked i have not tried it earlier right?  today on the way back from math class i was looking for a splash of happy (I’m saving my starbucks for later so i can bask in the sun)

i stopped in hoping for a pain au chocolate or a authentic croissant.  after awkwardly staring at the bakery case for a good 2 minutes i determined they did not carry my two favorite things.  the owner/baker came over to talk to me and explained that they used too much butter (HENCE MY LOVE!!!) and offered me a piece of doughnut.  it was amazing and i purchased one.  i also got a éclair for my father and was SHOCKED when my total was $8.21.  OVER PRICED MUCH?


during our exchange the owner/baker told me about how the bakery had been there since 1921 (possible why its’ in a not so chic area) and it was started by his great grandfather.  i told him of my love for french deserts and he tried to sell me a cup of chocolate moose (for $12.50), it was 10am.  i left with my treats and could not wait to eat the doughnut.  i had half and am saving the rest for k when he gets home from school, a belated birthday treat!

will i be going back?  i don’t know.  perhaps i will break out the baking with julia and make my own croissants.


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